Mink Brazilian Curly Closure

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Our Lace Closures are great for individuals who are looking for a natural finish to their installation without the hassle of having your natural hair left out. Our Curly Closure pairs with our Mink Brazilian Curly Bundles.


4x4 Closure is a 4x4 Closure covers 4 inches across your forehead and 4 inches to the back.


5x5 Closure is a 5x5 hair closure covers 5 inches across your forehead and 5 inches to the back. The 5x5 closure is great for the hairline illusion!


The base of the closure is made of a thin lace fabric to inure a natural seamless look once installed. Our lace closures have versatile parting for your styling preference. When using a closure, it's considered to give your hair a more flatter and seamless appearance when sewed or glued around the hairline. However, if the knots are too dark at the root of the base then the unit will not look as realistic. Bleaching the knots is recommend to give a more realistic look so your hair appears as if it is growing from your scalp. Please, consult with a professional stylist before installing.


HD lace is the most sought out lace material, and its very popular because it more transparent than normal lace ... HD lace is more thin, delicate and transparent than transparent normal lace. We still have regular lace available for you angels.