Blonde Bombshell Wig

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Our Brand New Luxury Lace Wigs are made with a HD LACE.

Our Luxury Lace Wigs comes in the size of 13 x 4.

HD stands for "high definition". HD lace is a thin lace material that is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures your hairline looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

A lace front wig uses a sheer lace base for the front portion of the wig. The lace covers the front half of the wig while in others and the rest of the base is made of a thicker but still comfortable material.

The lace wig will arrive in its natural state and uncustomized. You'll have to style it to your desired style.  The wig is hand crafted and can be parted throughout the entire wig for the ultimate natural looking styles.We recommend to have it styled by a professional. 

More Information: 

Color: 613


Lace Front: 150% 

Lace Color: HD (Blends With All Skin Complexions)