Our Story Ash Couture

Beauty Entrepreneur, Ash Couture has always had a passion for beauty and she wanted to create an unforgettable beauty experience for the modern day woman who deserves to feel beautiful. Ash believes when you look good then you feel good. Outer beauty will help ignite inner beauty and she is committed to developing beauty products that will increase confidence and remove insecurities. Her goal is to help women have access to luxury hair and beauty products at a great price.

Your Hair is Your Halo and Your Halo is Your Crown!

Our Mission

The World's Softest Hair

We believe that life should be lived beautifully with great hair of course. We love women, beauty, and luxury. At Pink Halo, we help women make informed choices with their purchases both in-person and on-line with our e-commerce presence. Our mission is to sprinkle a bit of luxury to the everyday woman no matter what the occasion may be. We are committed to providing the best products to our customers by keeping up with the latest trends, products & changes in the beauty industry such as styles, hair accessories , and new types of hair extensions.

Luxury Meets Beauty

The First Multi-Cultural Hair Boutique in South Carolina

Pink Halo™ Luxury Hair Boutique open its first flagship store in the heart of Greenville, SC. The store is conveniently located between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Ladies can drop by the beauty boutique and choose from a line of premium products and be guided by a super friendly and knowledgeable in-house beauty team. Online store clients are treated with the same courtesy, expert guidance, and affordability. Pink Halo™ Luxury Hair boutique offers a variety of cosmetic items from premium virgin hair full lace units to virgin hair extensions to tape in's, i-tips, to clip-in's to halo's and ponytails. Come visit us at our store in Greenville and grab the finer things in life for your hair -- or you can pick them here on our site. With us, hair glam is much more accessible than you thought!

Welcome to Hair Heaven!

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